Mini-Oops Rivets: sold by the ounce

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Rivets occasionally don’t set properly and must be replaced. The key to doing a good repair is to not cause more damage by enlarging the rivet hole when drilling out and replacing the bad rivet.
The typical “Oops rivet” sold by Van’s and others is a full rivet size larger in diameter than the rivet being repaired. That is to say that a -3 rivet with a 3/32″ shank might be repaired with a 1/8″ shank Oops rivet. This technique needlessly enlarges the rivet hole, in this case by 33%.

There is a better option. Our “Mini-Oops” flush rivets are only 1/2 rivet size larger. In other words, our -3 “Mini-Oops” rivet which replaces a standard -3 rivet with a 3/32″ shank has a 7/64″ shank. This increases the rivet hole by only 16% compared to 33% for a regular Oops rivet. This means that the rivet hole stays much closer to the originally specified size. Use the chart below to reference for size.

Mini-Oops Size Repairs this Rivet Price Per Oz. Mini-Oops shank diam. Original Rivet Diam. Approx. qty. per oz.
NAS1241AD3-3 AN426AD3-3 $15 7/64" 3/32" 300
NAS1241AD3-4 AN426AD3-4 $15 7/64" 3/32" 235
NAS1241AD3-5 AN426AD3-5 $15 7/64" 3/32" 190
NAS1241AD3-6 AN426AD3-6 $15 7/64" 3/32" 150
NAS1241AD4-4 AN426AD4-4 $12.50 9/64" 1/8" 145
NAS1241AD4-5 AN426AD4-5 $12.50 9/64" 1/8" 120

3 reviews for Mini-Oops Rivets: sold by the ounce

  1. Stewart H.

    Excellent solution to the inevitable problem

  2. Scott D.

    Very handy to have. I’ve already used a couple. One was for a -3 rivet but since they’re -4 length I just ground it down to the correct size.

  3. Wolfgang S.

    All good.

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