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Long Gear Leg Stiffener Set for F1 Rockets

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Extra-long version of our popular Gear Leg Stiffeners suitable for F1 Rockets. These wooden Gear Leg Stiffeners provide a simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-install solution to dampen the damaging and uncomfortable vibrations that your main gear legs experience at various speeds.

Any experienced RV pilot will tell you that you don’t want to go without these on your airplane. Simple to install, made from tapered and beveled poplar, these stiffeners are a must-have item. The Gear Leg Stiffeners are designed to fit completely inside your gear leg fairings with little or no modifications needed.

Recommended installation involves fixing a stiffener to each gear leg using fiberglass tape and epoxy.

Comes in a set of two, one for each gear leg, with instructions included.

Curious if they work? Check out this PIREP from RV Pilot Eddie Seve.


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