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Lenses for sheared wingtips – Discontinued

Please note: we no longer carry this item. The wingtip lenses made by Van’s for the W-715-1 wingtips (Van’s lens part number is VA-172-1) will fit the Sheared wingtips just as well for 20% of the cost.

Wing tip lenses for the sheared tips (available here). These top-quality lenses are professionally produced by Airplane Plastics specifically for our sheared wingtips. Starting with 0.090″ polycarbonate for the best optics, and hand-formed over precision molds, these lenses are optically correct, evenly molded without thin spots, and then trimmed to give you a much easier installation. The final trim line is also included for ease of installation. Of course, please verify the final trim line first! We are aware that other lenses are cheaper… and they show it. Keep this in mind when you’re considering where to get the BEST lenses for your wingtips. Our wingtip lenses are specifically designed to fit our sheared wingtips, sold separately. Price per pair.


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