Heat Shield Mat 36″x58″

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Unlike other insulation packages from the big box aircraft supply houses that come from some airline’s surplus bin, Heat Shield Mat was specifically chosen to be THE high-tech, easy-to-install insulation of choice for the firewall and cowling on your RV or other homebuilt. It may be installed during construction or retrofitted to flying aircraft.

Heat Shield Mat is self-adhesive and has a woven fiberglass fabric backing and an aluminized face. The high temp adhesive easily resists temps that would cause others to fail. Aluminum is approximately 97% reflective and will greatly reduce the heat coming into the aircraft cabin. The fiberglass fabric insulation behind the aluminized foil face will stop any heat not already reflected.

Apply Heat Shield Mat to the engine side of your firewall and to the inside of your cowling in areas where exhaust heat might damage your paint. Seal the edges of the Heat Shield Mat with foil tape or high temp silicone RTV. ProSeal is also a good choice to seal edges in areas where fuel or oil might soften RTV.

Heat Shield Mat is easy to cut, very flexible, and will last the life of your aircraft. It is waterproof and resistant to fuel and oil. It is approximately 1/16″ thick.

The 36″x58″ size is big enough to cover most aircraft firewalls, with plenty left over to protect hotspots on the cowl or whatever else needs shielding.

This product withstands 1100°F of radiant heat and up to 450°F of direct heat.

2 reviews for Heat Shield Mat 36″x58″

  1. Robert V.

    As expected, timely delivery.

  2. Jason c.

    I bought this to install on my RV10 build. The adhesive worked well. I would recommend this product.

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