Fuel Tester Bracket

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Stow your fuel tester in a way that’s easy to access but out of the way with our new Fuel Tester Bracket. This item mounts to a surface of your choice with two screws and uses a simple mechanism to conveniently stow the tester. Keeps your fuel test where you can find it, and keeps fuel smell out of your flight bag. Includes fuel tester. Tester features Phillips and straight screwdriver heads for tightening errant screws during preflight.

3 reviews for Fuel Tester Bracket

  1. B K.

    I recently purchased the bracket and attached it inside the forward locker of my RV8. It is readily accessible and holds the tester securely – not in trim pockets etc.

    A good purchase.

  2. Gary

    I installed one of these in my RV-6 back in 1997. It is great to keep fuel tester in a convenient location reducing cockpit clutter. Have had over 21-years great service and still going strong.

  3. Parks C.

    This nifty kit includes a mounting bracket to easily stow the included fuel strainer. Great product at a great price.

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