Flyleds Tail LED (standalone model)

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Using the latest generation Cree LEDs with a total of almost 3000 lumens of light, you will be seen!

Our tail light fits the same 1.75″ mounting holes as a conventional xenon strobe, and the base is shaped to match the fiberglass profile of a Van’s RV tail. This unit will operate on 14 volt systems only.

It is a combined position and strobe light, with separate position/nav and strobe power inputs. Pre-programmed with a selection of 8 flash patterns, easily selected by a push-button. It is also fitted with a reed switch, so by holding a magnet near the unit, you can change the pattern without having to remove the light from the tail.

This is a made-by-Flyleds item, and not a kit of parts. It’s ready to go out of the box. Being a hand-made item, the solid cast-resin dome may have some suspended air bubbles, but they do not materially affect the light output. When it’s turned on, it’s too bright to look at!

Flyleds offers a one-year replacement warranty on this product. Supplied with our exclusive mounting plate which is designed to be adhered to the inside of the fiberglass tail fairing. This makes for a sturdy backing for the strobe to be screwed into. Just add some thread locker on installation and you’re set.

Only 58g/2oz weight. Check the pictures and information sheet for more… information!

We now have a mounting bracket that can be riveted to the exterior of the rudder fairing. Clear anodized aluminum, supplied with four CS4-4 rivets. Tapped with M3 threads to suit Flyleds tail lights.

Flyleds Tail Light Mount

2 reviews for Flyleds Tail LED (standalone model)

  1. Scott H.

    This is the second one of these I’ve installed, although this is the first standalone model. The install is very easy and if you have the wires in place already, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Two 18 gage wires running from individual switches, and one small wire from the light to a local ground back near the light. The light is extremely bright and doesn’t make any noise in my headset. When you install the light you may have to open up the hole in the tail fairing on the left side where a couple wires exits the fixture. Easily done in about 30 seconds with a 1/8” round file. This opening is covered by the flange on the fixture when installed.

  2. Ron J.

    Well packaged and very nice looking. Can’t wait to get it installed.

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