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Flyleds Tail/Belly beacon

Introducing Flyleds’ new belly or tail beacon LED replacement. The (red) light is emitted in a 360-degree horizontal plane, perfect for the intended locations on a plane. Did we mention that it’s also bright? Really bright! The light can be mounted in a variety of ways, including surface mounted with or without a dress cover, or it can be mounted from the inside skin through a rubber grommet. The clear light head is just under 1″ / 25 mm diameter and is 7/8″ / 22 mm tall. The black base is 40 mm diameter and 10 mm tall. The light weighs 40 grams / 1.4oz. Much smaller, lighter, and brighter than the jam jar lights seen on your average Cessna! Multiple units can be synced to flash together. For those of you wanting one light on the top and one on the bottom, our current batch of lights do not sync together, hence the reduced price. Suitable for 12- or 24-volt operation and drawing less than 1 amp, it’s dust/waterproof to IP67. In the video shown below the light is operating at about 7 volts so it doesn’t overwhelm the camera.


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