Works kits come with spotlights which are wired separately. Check this box to request two 50-foot lengths of wire for the landing and taxi lights. Choose only the 18AWG if you're planning on wiring all three spotlights to one switch.

Flyleds Premade Wiring Loom

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We now supply a pre-made wiring loom kit to suit the Flyleds kit. The kit contents include:

  • 20ft of (M27500/22SB2T23 Tefzel) two-wire shielded cable for the tail light
  • 25ft (x2) of (M27500/22SB3T23 Tefzel) three-wire shielded cable for each wing
  • 6 feet each of (M22759/16 Tefzel) Black/Yellow/Red/White 18AWG for power and ground into the control board.
  • Terminated at the controller board end using machined crimp pins.

The wire lengths above are long enough (and then some) for an RV-10.

The far end of each wire run will be left un-terminated so that you can run the wires through your plane and trim them to length.

If you have the appropriate pin crimping tool and prefer to build the loom yourself, we also offer just the loom parts, which includes all wire, machined crimp pins, D Sub connector and connector case but no assembly has been done.


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