Flyleds Carling Progressive Switch

Short on panel space?

We have a new batch of Carling brand progressive transfer switches that will simply and easily control two power circuits.
They are four-terminal devices and they operate as OFF- circuit A – circuit A & B.

For example: OFF-POSITION-STROBES, where the position (nav) lights stay on in both middle and up positions.

or group the WigWag function with the Landing Lights for your “The Works” kit: OFF-LANDING-WIGWAG

Note that regular “2-10” progressive switches have six terminals and are nominally known as ON-ON-ON switches, as they have an extra “opposite” progressive contact inside them:

Our new batch of switches are OFF-ON-ON, and so perhaps should be called a “2 dash 9 and a half” switch!

Maybe not as versatile for some of the switch configurations found in the Aeroelectric diagrams, but these are super simple to wire two power circuits together and they are around half the price of other suppliers as well.

Supplied with one hex nut, one dress nut, and a lock washer.


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