Flyleds Aerosport Products RV-10 Cowl light

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Designed for use with the Aerosport Products cowl, this double spotlight board will screw straight onto the back of the Aerosport Products fixture, which is a simpler solution than using two single spotlights. (Fixture not included. Please order their product direct from their website).

Only 2 amps current draw, with 2400+ lumens of clear 8-degree beam of white light.

We also supply two beam diffusers that spread the light out to 30 degrees or so, perfect for taxiing.

With a linear power supply design, there will be no radio or intercom noise.

Supplied unassembled as the completed light PCB, heatsinks, and collimating lens, the light requires about 15 minutes of assembly time. No soldering required.

You will need to purchase an inline two pin plug and socket of your choice to facilitate the regular removal of the lower cowl. There is plenty of choice in the Aviation Electrical aisle of your nearest auto parts store.


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