Flightseal Ribbed “Crown” Profile Weatherstripping

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Flightseal “ribbed” weatherstripping is a top-quality, uniformly closed cell EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M-class rubber) weather gasket designed to give years of service under the harshest conditions.

Flightseal “ribbed” weatherstripping has a “crown” or “ridged” profile when viewed in cross-section. It is 7/16″ wide and has a useful compression range from 1/4″ down to 3/32″. It offers outstanding compression deflection and low compression set characteristics. High-quality 3M adhesive makes certain that it stays where you put it.

Flightseal “ribbed” weatherstripping seals out noise, dust, and water. Flightseal’s low cost and high quality makes it a very cost-effective solution to canopy and baggage door sealing problems, and is useful for a variety of other applications in the plane and around the house.

Price listed is per foot. Order by the running foot.

1 review for Flightseal Ribbed “Crown” Profile Weatherstripping

  1. Larry M.

    It’s soft so may not last a long time but it sticks really well and because it’s soft does a good job of sealing and fitting the contour. Don’t see how you can go wrong with this stuff

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