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Filter Gascolator Unit

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Gascolator Unit

2 reviews for Filter Gascolator Unit

  1. Nicholas J.

    I replaced the fuel system on my RV-9A and installed this gascolator between the fuel selector and the boost pump on the centerline of the airplane sticking out of the bottom skin. I was able to install it in less than an hour (with help from one friend inside the airplane). The nice thing on an RV is that it ends up actually being the lowest point in the fuel system and so can serve its purpose. Almost any other type of gascolator doesn’t end up at the lowest point on the system. It is nice to also be able to mount it somewhere other than the firewall. This eliminates vapor locking caused by having it in the hot engine compartment, and increases crash safety. The unit is very high quality, easy to service (notice the valve which closes the fuel system off when you open the unit so that you dont drain the tanks), and easy to install. The instruction are top notch with step by step photos. And the company is very responsive to any questions you may have. This is probably my favorite “mechanical” accessory on my airplane.

  2. MARC B.

    Very well designed. Absolutely impossible for the unit to loose its component in flight except if it wasn’t installed properly in the first place. Besides, with its 50um mesh filter, it can serve as an adequate pre-filter in an EFI system. I really like the “recess” concept of the unit; away from the heat behind the engine.

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