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Doug Bell Tailwheel Fork

(16 customer reviews)

Doug Bell’s original design for an improved tailwheel assembly on Van’s RV aircraft. You’ll see dramatically improved obstacle clearance and ground handling with this simple modification. Easy install retrofit installation into standard sized Van’s-style tailwheel assemblies.

For more information on installation, maintenance, and flying with your new tailwheel, we suggest you check out our free Tailwheel Install Documents.

Includes fork, AN364-820A top nut, axle bolt and spacing washers. Bell Fork weight with axle and top nut: ~25oz (703g)

16 reviews for Doug Bell Tailwheel Fork

  1. Geoff C.

    Beautifully made, excellent bit of kit.

  2. Frederick A.

    Top quality product. Improves steering as advertised.

  3. Brian V.

    Fit perfectly on my RV-4. Came with a shim but it wasn’t needed, works better than the kit supplied fork, looks good, they emailed a “shipped” notification a few hours after I ordered it… what’s not to like (?)

  4. ecckers

    Haven’t got it yet but the other one is
    is great and fits perfect

  5. Gary K.

    The Bell tail wheel is a work of art. The welds and the machining are excellent. It took approximately 10 minutes to install. The end result is this. The Bell tail wheel looks better than the Van’s unit. It takes less effort to steer the aircraft while taxiing and it raised the tail of my aircraft 1-1/2 inches which improves the visibility over the nose during ground Ops. It is a great addition to my airplane and I would recommend it to anyone looking improved appearance and ground handling.

  6. Keith R.

    The service was outstanding. With the new tailwheel Fork the plane handles better than ever and with the axle my tow bar fits and moves the plane easily.

  7. Joe D.

    Beautiful craftsmanship. I am completely satisfied with this Doug Bell Tailwheel Fork from Flyboys. I’m new to the RV community and feel this fork allows a little more clearance than the original fork. Very glad to have gotten this installed on my RV-7.

  8. Don D.

    Easy to install. Looks great, works great.

  9. Robert M.

    I installed this on a Van’s Aircraft RV-9, replacing the original tail wheel that came with the kit. It was a perfect fit replacement and weighs 4 ounces less than the Van’s tail wheel.

  10. ecckers

    It’s the best, great service. Happy holidays

  11. Thomas T.

    Precise handling on ground compared to chains and stock tailwheel. About an inch taller and visibility is noticeable over the nose. Can make both wheel landings and 3 point landings with ease. Love this upgrade

  12. Paul A.

    They’re perfect! Great quality and value.

  13. Darren K.

    Installed new fork with deluxe tire and steering link. All I can say is my RV7 handles so so much better now. I could not be more please with all of it. Thanks Blake for great customer support as well.

  14. Klaus-peter M.

    The tail wheel could be a little bit lighter….

  15. PAUL

    Perfect fit on my my RV-4. Haven’t flown it yet but the rudder pressure required on taxi seems significantly less than the Vans tailwheel and somewhat better feeling of control

  16. Keir

    Very nicely made and easy to fit. Much better wheel clearance and a better view over the nose.

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