Double Sided Control Arm with Tie Down Ring

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Tying your tail down when you’re away from your home ‘drome can be a chore. This simple control arm upgrade features a convenient ring that you can run a rope through to securely tie down your tailwheel. Upgrade from the standard control arm or replace a worn or damaged arm here.

Our control arm is precision-machined in the U.S. to exact tolerances, and has a slightly deepened locking pin notch (versus the stock control arm) which allows for more reliable locking. Our locking pin & spring are specifically designed to work perfectly with this control arm. However, your existing Van’s locking pin & spring will work fine.

Fits Screaming Eagle, Van’s and similar tailwheels that have a 7/8″ pivot shaft. Made from 4130 steel for toughness and durability.

Will not fit Aviation Products tailwheels.

9 reviews for Double Sided Control Arm with Tie Down Ring

  1. Rob R.

    Great idea, and it works perfectly…somehow it’s the small things like this that make flying even more enjoyable

  2. Andy K.

    I really like their new tail wheel tie down ring. It is so much easier to use and ropes are not as messy.

  3. WIlliam M.

    I have upgraded the tail wheel assemblies on three RVs with parts from Flyboy Accessories and just replaced a worn out control arm with their version that has the tiedown ring, which is a great idea. And the deeper control arm notch in combination with a new pin and spring has eliminated any tendency for the tail wheel to breakaway into freewheeling when taxiing in strong crosswinds. Their excellent advice is free, and their products are well made and fairly priced. Highly recommended.

  4. Larry M.

    The tie down ring is a great addition, very much looking forward to a simpler attach point.

  5. Steve S.

    Great Idea, solves the tail tie down with a clever solution

  6. James B.

    Had this item powder-coated and then installed it today. I think this should be a stock item for Van’s to included in all tail-wheel kits!

  7. Bryan C.

    Great Idea! Fast shipping, Can’t wait to try it out.

  8. Harry G.

    Excellent piece of kit!

  9. Larry V.

    The control arm on the -8 was worn badly and so I needed a replacement. When I called flyboy Accessories, Derek explained the newer style with the tie down ring. That’s the model I purchased, and like all their products—it’s top notch. Larry Vetterman

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