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Double Sided Control Arm

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Note: this product has been phased out in favor of the Tie-Down version, which can be found here. Please order the Tie-Down version if you are replacing this item.

The control arms take a beating. The locking notch can get worn or damaged. If your control arm is worn or broken, don’t risk a ground loop or loss of steering at a bad time, replace it with a new control arm.

Our control arm is precision-machined in the U.S. to exact tolerances, and has a slightly deepened locking pin notch (versus the stock control arm) which allows for more reliable locking.

Our locking pin & spring are specifically designed to work perfectly with this control arm. However, your existing Van’s locking pin & spring will work fine.

Fits Screaming Eagle, Van’s, and similar tailwheels that have a 7/8″ pivot shaft. Made from 4130 steel for toughness and durability.

Now available with an accessory tie-down ring for tying down the tailwheel (click here to view the tie-down version).

2 reviews for Double Sided Control Arm

  1. Roger P.

    I recently purchased a new tailwheel assembly from FlyBoys to replace the Vans unit on my RV8. Before the purchase and installation I was having significant control issues that had a sudden onset in the last year. The result with the older existing unit was off runway excursions due to an induced right turn that even the brakes had difficulty over coming. I discovered that the spring secure bolt had no nut on it and was allowing rotation of the spring, this could cause the tailwheel to ride on one side slightly which would of course casue a turn. After the repair was complete the plane seemed much more stable and predicatable. However I decided to replace the whole assembly with a new wheel fork and tire from Flyboy. The difference in steering and high speed control was dramatic. The stability of the roll out is now so benign that is it scary. The plane just rolls straight with very little rudder input. Three point or two pointers, when the tail is down the plane is now very stable. The contrast from the Vans unit to the Flyboy unit is not a subtle change, is was large and has made my flying experience in the RV much more enlightened. If you are considering a new tailwheel or would like to improve your stability give some thought to their product. I am completely sold on the performance!

  2. David I.

    I was a First time customer of Flyboyaccessories so wasn’t sure of the service or product quality. I can say my order of the tailwheel control arm and locking pin was processed and received promptly and product quality couldn’t be better. I will definitely be ordering from them for any future needs.

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