Cylinder Torque Plate for Lycoming Engines

Some of the same bolts that hold your cylinders to your Lycoming engine also hold the case halves together. When removing a cylinder, or especially if more than one cylinder is removed, it is very important to maintain the torque between the case halves. The worst case scenario is that you’ve removed a cylinder, or more than one, and then inadvertently bump the prop, which is very easily done. Bumping the prop when the case halves are not 100% torqued together can potentially cause movement of a crankshaft bearing, which can lead to engine failure later.

Installing our cylinder torque plates is an easy, inexpensive way to alleviate this concern.

Nicking a connecting rod is also a potential cause of engine failure. The thick center grommet will prevent connecting rod damage by giving it a nice, safe rubber pad to rest on. This product is a direct replacement of Lycoming PN ST-222, and is compatible with all Lycoming engines except the 0-235 series.

Lycoming and other sources want a ridiculous price for these simple devices. Save your money and get them from Flyboy Accessories at a very reasonable price!


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