Condor2 Pneumatic Tailwheel Fork Unit

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Upgrade your RV tailwheel to a smooth-riding, low noise pneumatic tire with our Condor2 system. This listing is for a complete retrofit unit and includes the Condor2 Fork, Talon aluminum hub, 200×50 6-ply Aero Classic Tire and Tost Aero tube.

Please note: though it looks similar, the Condor2 fork has different dimensions than the Doug Bell tailwheel. The Bell fork, and other forks designed for the standard 6″ wheel, are not large enough to accommodate the 200×50 tire.

In addition to the benefits of the pneumatic tire, the 200×50 tire is nearly 8 inches in diameter, lending your airplane maximum tailwheel obstacle clearance and raising the tailwheel for improved visibility over-the-nose. Using the same 3/8″ axle bolt that is standard on Van’s equipment allows you to easily swap out to a solid tire in the event of a flat.

Read a pilot report of this unit here.

For more information on installation, maintenance, and flying with your new tailwheel, we suggest you check out our free

Tailwheel Install Documents

Please be aware that pneumatic tires can and do go flat, and a smaller tire is somewhat more prone to this problem than your larger main tires. Even with the best tires and tubes available, you should expect and be prepared for the occasional flat. We recommend purchasing extra tubes and/or keeping a solid or foam-filled spare on hand in case it is needed.

We cannot be responsible for tires that go flat. We recommend running these tires at 50psi and checking the pressure regularly. Tires that get low on pressure fail much faster. The whole Condor2 assembly (fork, tube, tire, hub) weighs in at 3 lbs, 13 oz.

Please note: installed inner tubes and tires are non-returnable.

New Purchase Option: Scratch n Dent is now available for white and black powder coating color options! When the tailwheels return from the powder coater, a few come back with less than pristine coats.

Functionally – the tailwheel works just as great, but there is a blemish or two. We now have the option for you to buy the Scratch n Dent versions of our tailwheels for $15 less. Pictures of the typical blemishes are available below.

A brand new tailwheel for a discounted price!

21 reviews for Condor2 Pneumatic Tailwheel Fork Unit

  1. Dooley

    This complete new tailwheel assembly improves almost every aspect of the RV7. Better forward vision while taxiing, smooth as silk operation while on the ramp or runway and perfect landings are much easier every time. I highly suggest it.

  2. Greg C.

    I just installed this along with the rocket tail link from Flyboy Accessories on my RV4 and have to say I love this setup. It has more authority on the ground and is quieter and much smoother. Am also looking forward to less grass hanging up on it and not worrying about hanging it up in potholes. Blake is quite knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with as well as great service. Definitely would recommend this!

  3. Peter V.

    Excellent product
    Wouldn’t fly without it, much quieter taxiing especially on strips other than tarmac.
    Fits straight out of the box

  4. Michael O.

    Quality product(s), and easy installation. Handles runway cracks well, with a noticable decrease in jarring of the airframe. Also, rids the plane of the stock tailhook(tailwheel fork), which i’d caught coming onto the paved portion of the home field’s runway….a great mod! Would do it again enthuisatically!

  5. Mark s.

    I wish I’d bought this earlier. My passengers no longer think the airplane is coming apart during taxi. Doing a wheel landing I could hardly tell the tail touched down. Excellent construction and easy installation. Looks like it will last a long time.

  6. Larry E.

    Love the system, pretty much eliminates the tin canning during ground operations. Only suggestion is I wish it was a wider tire because I noticed when I was toeing the aircraft in and had to turn the tail wheel it would put a side load on the tire causing the to bend over.

  7. Robert K.

    Outstanding quality, product and service. Blake goes the extra mile, even before shipping to insure you get the right stuff.

  8. Roger P.

    Easy Install. I installed with both old and new assy fittings. It does taxi much smoother and quieter. We have grooved runways here so it eliminated a low freq sound created by the hard rubber wheel over the grooves. It also eliminates the hammering and pounding sounds from irregularities in the pavement. I feel the runway handling is also improved from the smaller solid wheel. The solid wheel sometimes skidded where this pneumatic unit tends to give far better stiction. The only negative I have on this package is that the tube is a Chinese product and my experience with Chinese inner tubes over the years has been less than good. Time will tell.

  9. BERRY S.

    Very good quality rim and fork, and with the pneumatic tire, it is tremendously quieter than the solid tire. It also increases ground clearance a little.

  10. William C.

    Very nice looking and easy install. Very very quiet in comparison to stock solid wheel. Happy happy!
    Only negative I have is that it doesn’t track nicely when using tug bar to pull backwards. It doesn’t track smoothly if trying to pull in a turn

  11. David W.

    I just received my Condor fork. I already had a Matco wheel with the bigger bore ( 0.625″ ) bearings and a 200×50 tyre. It all fits quite nicely now I have made a S/S axle and 6061 spacers. I,m looking forward to installing the assy. – I,m still building – but it looks the goods . The fork is an elegant piece of work.

  12. Mike A.

    Although a bit pricey – I have found the Condor2 Pneumatic Tailwheel Fork Unit along with the aluminum hub (3/8 axle) and Aero Classic 200×50 6-ply tire to be quite robust with excellent handling!

  13. Dave D.

    Fits and looks perfect.

  14. Sean

    I’ve purchased several items for my RV7 from Flyboy Accessories. I had a Bell fork and light weight tailwheel installed on the plane. Since I am still building, it’s only been used to roll around the hangar. I was on the Flyboy’s site recently and noticed the Condor2 Fork and pneumatic tire. It appears to be a larger version of the Bell fork that allows the 8″ tire enough room. Several conversations with Blake had me placing an order.

    I just received the Condor 2 fork, hub, and tire. My first impression is of a quality part. The split hub is machined beautifully! Standard process to get everything put together. One thing I noticed, the valve stem is really tucked inward and out of the way to avoid the fork. This could be a real challenge to get access to inflate. No worries though. Blake has included a stem extension that takes care of that challenge just fine. Other benefits are reports of decreased “road noise” when taxiing. The solid wheels can really transfer the noise of any surface imperfections of asphalt and other materials into the aluminum tailcone. The pneumatic tire should mute some of this. This tire is 2″ lager in diameter compared to my prior setup. So…there is an inch of height increase. What happens if I get a flat? I can still use my lightweight wheel as a backup if/when, as it is interchangeable with this fork. This is a really nice kit that I’m glad to own.

    As always, Blake took excellent care of me. Top notch customer service and response to any question or request throughout.

  15. David S.

    Haven’t flown with my Condor2 but I’m very impressed with the workmanship that went into it. Fit and finish were practically perfect and installation was dirt simple!

  16. Grandma

    This tailwheel, combined with the Rocket link, is, in my view, the perfect combination for any RV. Improved ground clearance, better over the nose visibility and a smooth taxi ride are all great benefits.

  17. Mike M.

    Recently took delivery of and installed this product. Have flown about 5 hrs with it. The product is well made and easy to install. The instructions were clear and helpful. The ride is quiet and smooth. I chose to install this modifications as I often fly my RV7 on into a fairly rough dirt farm strip. Due to the increased clearance it has handled these conditions well. It also looks great – in my view cosmetically and functionally a great improvement on the original Vans tailwheel.

  18. Paul A.

    Excellent product and excellent service! You will absolutely not regret replacing the original Vans fork and TW, with a Condor II!

  19. Steve R.

    Outstanding tailwheel upgrade! The aluminum hub is a real beauty! This tailwheel really smooths out the cracks and bumps. This mod raised the tail by .85″ and lowered the nose by .875″. The old tailwheel will fit the new fork in case of a flat tire away from your home base. I highly recommend this mod.

  20. Rory H.

    Great looking set up, much better than original

  21. David A.

    My RV7 is so much smoother during ground handling, and landing on paved and unpaved strips much less noisy.
    One point: construction drawing DWG 27 that covers RV7 tailwheel installation points to the bronze bushing and says “Periodically flush and lubricate bushing as required with WD-40 or equivalent”. I have found that grease is not a good equivalent and that the shaft eventually begins to bind in the bushing. WD-40 works great.

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