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Aerolab Flush Mounted Filter Gascolator

(11 customer reviews)

Flyboy Accessories is proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Aerolab Filter Gascolator. This new, top-quality, flush-mounted filter assembly, made by Aerolab in Italy, has been designed to be installed inside the fuselage, flush mounted in the belly skin. It can also be flush mounted in other convenient places, like inside the wing or under the cowling.

The Aerolab Filter Gascolator is designed to be an easily serviceable fuel filter, with gascolator functionality built-in. The unit mounts flush on the belly of the airplane. You can install a single Aerolab Filter Gascolator just before the electric fuel pump or set up the system to use two filters, one in each fuel supply line.

The Aerolab Filter Gascolator is easily sumped with a standard fuel tester, and it’s easily serviced from the outside of the aircraft where there’s no risk of a smelly fuel spill ruining your interior like a can-style filter might do.

The unit has a stainless steel pleated filter to catch even the finest debris, a positively locking cap, a flush sump drain in a streamlined housing, and readily available O-rings should you ever need one. The units have been pressure tested up to 100 PSI (0.7 MPA) and may be installed in the pressurized section of the fuel system.

It is our opinion that the Aerolab Gascolator is far superior to any other fuel filtration device found on any light aircraft. We also believe that it should easily meet the Canadian requirement to have a gascolator installed on the aircraft.

Click on the links below to view installation documents:

Sample Installation Photos


  • 50 micron mesh stainless steel screen fuel filter, which can be easily serviced, cleaned and – if necessary– replaced.
  • A locking button (red) prevents the inadvertent opening or loss of the cap in flight.
  • A dedicated valve is designed to interrupt the flow of the fuel from the tank(s) when servicing the filter.
  • A drain valve is installed in the cap.

11 reviews for Aerolab Flush Mounted Filter Gascolator

  1. Jake J.

    The Aerolabs Gascolator is the best system I have seen & installed, its a well thought out & designed unit. No more having to remove cowls or access panels to access inline filters or single/multiple gascolators when a fuel drain sample shows a high level of contaminants. The Aerolab unit, you only need one, is totally accessible externally & has a simple automatic fuel shutoff system which works as soon as you access the filter, you do not even have to turn off the fuel tap although I prefer to do that. IMO the Aerolabs Gascolator is great value & looks good too.

  2. Brian S.

    One cannot appreciate the real quality of this gascolator until holding it in the hand. The quality and precision is simply 2nd to none, and while I did have some concerns about it being too heavy I quickly realized that was unfounded. The instructions are clear and concise, and while cutting a hole in the belly skin was a bit concerning, the final fitment was spot on. No doubt that not being ahead of the firewall and easily accessible will make my flying more safe and enjoyable.

  3. Tom S.

    nice unit—excellent service from Blake!

  4. Robert G.

    I found this to be one of the best items I have bought right behind the sliding canopy extension
    Super tracks. It was an easy install and of very high
    quality. Never hesitate to purchase any product
    from FLYBOY Accessories.
    Robert Gee
    RV7 builder…

  5. Myron C.

    Well made, fairly easy to install, very good fit for my SPA Panther. Not in operation yet

  6. Parks C.

    I purchased 2 of these AeroLab Gascolators in August ’19 and installed them in a Harmon Rocket II. These items arrived promptly and with good pkg. They are precision built and excellent for allowing access w/o having to remove the cowling due to their clever design. I installed one for each tank and it aided in solving a fuel vapor lock issue due to location of my old anodized aluminum gascolator on the engine firewall in between the exhaust pipes. Highly recommended. Blake is always there to assist with your orders Top Notch..

  7. Simone M.

    We have installed two flush mounted gasculators in our RV14A. A very clean installation.
    This is a must installation for all fliers in Canada that must use a gasculator.
    And for the rest of you, think about it.
    A great product

  8. Thomas C.

    Very well made product and it’s convenience clear !

  9. Gustav C.

    Installed in Glasair II-RG. It replaces the standard firewall forward filter.
    Due to it’s small size, it can be installed
    in front of the right side rudder pedals.
    The fuel is cold and it is easy to service.

  10. David C.

    This filter/gascolator solves the issue of servicing the filter element inside the plane. Installation was very easy and I would recommend using the optional steel drilling template. I installed it on my RV-9A under an Andair fuel selector valve. The 2-1/2″ opening allowed pneumatic squeezer access to dimple and rivet a doubler along with dimpling the mounting screw holes using a modified yoke. I Highly recommend this product!

  11. Graeme R.

    Great Service

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